Steering Committee

The ISGC Steering Committee holds conference calls every two months and consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair and seven additional committee members. The Chair and Vice Chair hold terms for two years and are internally selected from among steering committee members. Committee members are elected by an ISGC-wide vote. During the meeting, ISGC project proposals are reviewed and updated, future goals and developments are discussed and general action items are addressed.

Chair: Dr. Stephanie Debette

Co-Chair: Dr. Jin-Moo Lee


Dr. Daniel Woo, Cincinnati, USA - Immediate Past Chair

Dr. Anne-Katrin Giese, Hamburg, Germany - Junior Investigator

Dr. Israel Fernandez-Cadenas, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Jane Maguire, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Rainer Malik, Munich, Germany

Dr. Paul Nyquist, Baltimore, USA

Dr. Agnieszka Slowik, Krakow, Poland,

Dr. Matthew Traylor, Cambridge, United Kington