Dr Jonathan Rosand, MD

Jonathan Rosand is a clinician-scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard and the Broad Institute where he directs a labarotory research programme at the Centre for Human Genetic Research while also serving as a vascular and critical care neurologist. Jonathan was motivated to start the ISGC when, in December 2007, colleagues with whom he shares his lab space jubilantly announced the first successful genome-wide association results for type 2 diabetes. Two months later, at the February 2007 International Stroke Conference in San Francisco, Jonathan handed out flyers to anyone who would take one, announcing the ISGC's first organisational meeting, to be held in Boston April 2007. The goal was to join together to perform adequately powered GWAS of stroke. The ISGC's first International Workshop was quickly arranged for London in July 2007, and the rest is history. Jonathan's group studies hemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke.